In this article you get to know about ABCP full from and other different abbreviations of ABCP in various fields. ABCP full form refers to Asset Backed Commercial Paper.

Asset Backed Commercial Paper is a type of short-term debt instrument that is backed by a pool of underlying assets. These underlying assets can be anything from loans, mortgages, credit card receivables, to auto loans and more. The primary purpose of ABCP is to provide short-term financing for these underlying assets by issuing short-term notes to investors.

How Does ABCP Work?

Originators: Financial institutions or companies that have a portfolio of assets, such as loans or receivables, create a special purpose vehicle to hold these assets.

Transfer of Assets: The assets are then transferred from the originator to the SPV. This separation of assets from the originator’s balance sheet reduces their exposure to risk.

Issuance of ABCP: The SPV issues short-term notes, known as ABCP, which are backed by the pool of assets. These notes typically have maturities ranging from a few days to several months.

Investors: Institutional investors, such as money market funds, corporations, and even individuals, purchase these ABCP notes, essentially providing funding to the SPV.

Interest and Repayment: The investors receive interest payments over the life of the ABCP, and at maturity, the principal is repaid from the cash flows generated by the underlying assets.

Benefits of Asset-Backed Commercial Paper:

Diversification: ABCP allows originators to diversify their sources of funding. This is especially useful for financial institutions seeking to avoid relying solely on traditional bank loans.

Lower Funding Costs: ABCP can often offer lower borrowing costs compared to other short-term financing options, as the securities are typically considered safe due to their underlying collateral.

Short-Term Financing: For businesses, ABCP provides a convenient way to secure short-term financing without the need for a long-term commitment.

Risk Management: By transferring assets to an SPV, originators can manage risk by isolating these assets from their own balance sheets.

Risks Associated with ABCP:

Market Risk: The value of the underlying assets can fluctuate based on market conditions, affecting the stability of the ABCP.

Liquidity Risk: If the market for ABCP dries up due to uncertainties, it could become challenging to sell the securities before maturity.

Credit Risk: The creditworthiness of the originator and the quality of the underlying assets impact the riskiness of ABCP. If the assets perform poorly, it could lead to defaults.

Roll-Over Risk: Since ABCP has short maturities, it needs to be frequently rolled over. If market conditions deteriorate, the ability to roll over these securities could be hampered.


Different abbreviations of ABCP in various fields are as follows

ABCPAirway Basement Membrane Collagen ProductionAcademic & Science
ABCPAutomated Blood Cell ProcessorAcademic & Science
ABCPAvian Breeding and Conservation ProgrammeAcademic & Science
ABCPAmerican Board of Certified PsychotherapistsEducation
ABCPAustralian Business Case ProjectEducation
ABCPAdvanced Board Certified PractitionerEducation
ABCPAcademic Based Community PartnershipEducation
ABCPAsset Backed Commercial PaperBusiness
ABCPAustralian Business and Community PartnershipBusiness
ABCPAutomated Budget and Control ProgramBusiness
ABCPAudit and Business Continuity PlanBusiness
ABCPAir Base Communications PlanMilitary and Defence
ABCPAdvanced Battle Command PlatformMilitary and Defence
ABCPArmy Business and Contracting ProcessMilitary and Defence
ABCPAllied Biological and Chemical PublicationMilitary and Defence
ABCPAutomated Battle Command ProcessorMilitary and Defence
ABCPAsset Backed Commercial PaperBanking
ABCPArab Banking Corporation of PalestineBanking
ABCPAustralian Business Credit ProfileBanking
ABCPAgricultural Bank of China PlazaBanking
ABCPAsynchronous Balanced Circuit ProtocolTechnology
ABCPAdvanced Biomedical Computing ProgramTechnology
ABCPArchitecture Based Code ProfilingTechnology
ABCPAutomated Business Continuity PlanningTechnology
ABCPAirway Basement Membrane Collagen ProductionMedical
ABCPAdvanced Breast Cancer PanelMedical
ABCPAssociation of Black Cardiologists and PhysiciansMedical
ABCPAntigen-Binding Cell PenetratingMedical
ABCPAmerican Board of Clinical PharmacologyMedical
ABCPAddress Book Client ProtocolComputer and Networking
ABCPATM Based Control PlaneComputer and Networking
ABCPArtificial Bee Colony ProgrammingComputer and Networking
ABCPAsynchronous Balanced Circuit ProtocolComputer and Networking
ABCPAir Base Communications PlanTransport & Travel
ABCPAmerican Bus Charter ProvidersTransport & Travel
ABCPAssociation of Black Cardiologists and PhysiciansOthers
ABCPAdministrative Backup and Continuity PlanOthers
ABCPAmerican Bandmasters’ Association Conducting ProgramOthers
ABCPAutomated Behavior Control ProgramOthers
ABCPArt Beyond Capitalism ProjectOthers


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