In this article you get to know about AD full from and other different abbreviations of AD in various fields. AD full form refers to Anno Domini.


Anno Domini is a Latin term that translates to “In the year of the Lord” or “After the birth of Christ.” It is used to refer to the period of time after the estimated birth year of Jesus Christ. The use of AD dates back to the 6th century when a monk named Dionysius Exiguus devised a system to standardize the dating of Easter. He calculated the year of Christ’s birth to be 1 AD and began counting the years forward from that point.

The use of AD gradually spread throughout Europe and became the standard way of referring to years in Western culture. However, the AD system was not widely adopted outside of Europe until much later. In some parts of the world, other dating systems are still used alongside or instead of AD.

The year preceding 1 AD is known as 1 BC, and the years before that are counted backward, such as 2 BC, 3 BC, and so on. The use of BC (Before Christ) as a dating system is also common in Western culture, but it is less widely used outside of it. In recent years, some people have begun to use the term CE (Common Era) in place of AD, and BCE (Before Common Era) in place of BC. This is done to avoid the religious connotations of AD and BC, as well as to be more inclusive of non-Christian cultures.

The use of Anno Domini and the Gregorian calendar, which is the calendar used in most countries today, has become the international standard for measuring time. It is based on the astronomical observations of the Earth’s orbit around the sun and the length of the year.

The Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 as a reform of the Julian calendar, which was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BC. The Julian calendar had been used for centuries but had a slight error in the calculation of the length of the year, resulting in a difference between the calendar year and the solar year. The Gregorian calendar corrected this error by removing 10 days and adjusting the leap year calculation. Anno Domini is used not only in historical and religious contexts but also in everyday life, such as in official documents, academic research, and business transactions. It serves as a common reference point for people around the world and helps to facilitate communication and coordination across different cultures and languages. However, it’s important to note that not all cultures or religions use the Anno Domini system or recognize the birth of Jesus Christ as a significant event. Other dating systems used around the world include the Islamic calendar, the Chinese calendar, the Hebrew calendar, and the Hindu calendar. Each of these systems has its own unique way of measuring time based on its cultural and religious traditions.

Important aspect of the Anno Domini system is the way that historical events are dated. This allows for easy comparison of events across different time periods and regions. For example, historians can refer to the Battle of Waterloo as having occurred in 1815 AD, or the fall of the Roman Empire as having occurred in 476 AD.

The use of Anno Domini also reflects the dominance of Western culture and Christianity in world history. While it is widely accepted and used, it can be seen as culturally biased and exclusionary to non-Christian cultures and religions. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to use the terms Common Era (CE) and Before Common Era (BCE), which are seen as more inclusive and neutral. Despite its limitations, Anno Domini remains an important tool for measuring time and dating historical events. It has become deeply ingrained in our cultural and historical consciousness and continues to play a central role in the way we organize and understand the passage of time.

Different abbreviations of AD in various fields are as follows

ADAuthorized DealerBusiness
ADAccelerated DepreciationBusiness
ADAggregate DemandBusiness
ADAs DirectedBusiness
ADAir DepartmentBusiness
ADAttention To DetailBusiness
ADAlternative DevelopmentBusiness
ADAffiliated DistributorsBusiness
ADAgile DataBusiness
ADAccumulation DistributionBusiness
ADAlaris Royalty CorporationBusiness
ADAbove DiamondBusiness
ADActivity DomainBusiness
ADAutomated DeductionBusiness
ADAvoided DeforestationBusiness
ADAerial DeliveryBusiness
ADAnti DiversityBusiness
ADAerospace DevelopmentsBusiness
ADArtistic DirectorBusiness
ADAllowable DeductionsBusiness
ADArea DirectorBusiness
ADArbitrary DecisionBusiness
ADAssistant DirectorBusiness
ADAspect DirectionalTechnology
ADAbove DiaphragmTechnology
ADAntimatter DeceleratorTechnology
ADApplication DestinationTechnology
ADAttention DividedTechnology
ADActive DisassemblyTechnology
ADAuto DateComputing
ADActive DirectoryComputing
ADArtist DesignerComputing
ADAggregate DataComputing
ADAnisotropic DiskComputing
ADApplicability DomainComputing
ADAssociated DataComputing
ADAudio DisksComputing
ADArchival DiscComputing
ADActivation DomainComputing
ADActions DivisionComputing
ADAxiomatic DesignComputing
ADActivity DescriptionComputing
ADAudio DescriptionComputing
ADAcronym DictionaryComputing
ADAuthentic DataComputing
ADAutomatic DifferentiationComputing
ADAuthenticated DataComputing
ADAfter DisasterGeneral
ADArchitecture DigestGeneral
ADArchitectural DesignGeneral
ADAttarintiki DarediGeneral
ADAlgemeen DagbladGeneral
ADAutistic DisorderMedical
ADAlternating DaysMedical
ADAnti DiarrhoealMedical
ADAnterior DeltoidMedical
ADAtopic DiseasesMedical
ADAutogenic DrainageMedical
ADAntigenic DeterminantMedical
ADAffective DisorderMedical
ADAlcohol DehydrogenaseMedical
ADAbdominal DiscomfortMedical
ADAutonomic DysfunctionMedical
ADAlzheimers DementiaMedical
ADAlcohol DependenceMedical
ADAccidental DeathMedical
ADAutosomal DominantMedical
ADAortic DisectionMedical
ADAtopic DermatitisMedical
ADAutoimmune DiseaseMedical
ADAnxiety DisorderMedical
ADAntidepressant DrugMedical
ADAmoebic DysenteryMedical
ADAutonomic DysreflexiaMedical
ADAsperger DiseaseMedical
ADAcute DysenteryMedical
ADAttachment DisorderMedical
ADAbductor Digiti MinimiMedical
ADAlveolar DuctMedical
ADAsperger DisorderMedical
ADAllergic DiseaseMedical
ADAttention DefecitMedical
ADAxillary DissectionMedical
ADAcute DiarrhoeaMedical
ADArginine DihydrolaseMedical
ADAtherogenic DyslipidemiaMedical
ADAnalgesic DoseMedical
ADAcute DisorderMedical
ADAortic DiameterMedical
ADArginine DeiminaseMedical
ADAuris DextraMedical
ADAuditory DiscriminationMedical
ADAcetabular DepthMedical
ADAcute DissectionMedical
ADAnterior DigastricMedical
ADAnterior DescendingMedical
ADAcute DermatomyositisMedical
ADArterial DistensibilityMedical
ADAnaphase DelayMedical
ADAntigen DensityMedical
ADArrythmogenic DoseMedical
ADAbdominal DiameterMedical
ADArterial DeviceMedical
ADAffecting DiseaseMedical
ADAuto DisposableMedical
ADAccident DispensaryMedical
ADAcademic DivisionAcademic & Science
ADAssociate DegreeAcademic & Science
ADAthletics DirectorAcademic & Science
ADAccess DoorAcademic & Science
ADAnno DominiAcademic & Science
ADAgri DecumatesAcademic & Science
ADAir DensityAcademic & Science
ADAssociate DirectorAcademic & Science
ADAccretion DiskAcademic & Science
ADAnaerobic DigestionAcademic & Science
ADAnomalous DispersionAcademic & Science
ADAward of DistinctionAcademic & Science
ADAgar DilutionAcademic & Science
ADAxiom of DeterminacyAcademic & Science
ADAccelerator DeltaAcademic & Science
ADAthletic DepartmentAcademic & Science
ADArtist DiplomaAcademic & Science
ADAntiproton DeceleratorAcademic & Science
ADArea DrainAcademic & Science
ADAsymmetric DihydroxylationAcademic & Science
ADAnterior DrawerAcademic & Science
ADAnatomic DesignAcademic & Science
ADAcademic DecathlonAcademic & Science


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