In this article you get to know about CC full from and other different abbreviations of CC in various fields.

CC full form refers to Carbon Copy. In email, a carbon copy (CC) is a copy of an email message that is sent to one or more recipients in addition to the main recipient. The CC recipients are usually individuals who are not the primary recipients of the message, but who the sender wants to be aware of the message or keep informed about its content.To send a carbon copy of an email, the sender specifies the email addresses of the recipients in the CC field of the email, in addition to the To field. This means that the main recipient and the CC recipients will be able to see the email addresses of all recipients in the header of the email.

Carbon copies can be useful for a number of purposes, including:

  • Keeping other individuals informed about the content of an email without having to send them a separate message
  • Allowing the sender to keep a record of who received a copy of the email
  • Allowing the main recipient to see who else received a copy of the email

It is important to note that carbon copies are different from blind carbon copies (BCCs), in which the main recipient is not aware that the email was sent to other recipients.

Different abbreviations of CC in various fields are as follows


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