In this article you get to know about ISD full from and other different abbreviations of ISD in various fields. ISD full form refers to International Subscriber Dialing.


International Subscriber Dialing is a service that enables a caller in one country to make a call to a subscriber in another country. This service allows people to communicate with each other globally, regardless of their location.The ISD system is a complex network of interconnected telephone systems and service providers. To make an ISD call, the caller must first dial the international access code for their country. This is usually the “+” sign or the code “00”. The caller then enters the country code for the country they are calling.

Every country in the world has a unique country code. These codes are typically one to three digits in length, and are assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). For example, the country code for the United States is +1, while the country code for Australia is +61. After dialing the international access code and the country code, the caller must then dial the area code and the local telephone number of the person they wish to call. The area code is usually a three-digit number that identifies a specific geographic area within a country.

For example, if someone in the United States wants to call someone in Australia, they would dial “+61” (the country code for Australia) followed by the area code and the local phone number of the person they wish to call. It is important to note that ISD calls can be expensive, and callers should check with their phone service provider for the rates and fees associated with making international calls. Many service providers offer special international calling plans and packages that can help reduce the cost of making ISD calls.

The ISD system is sometimes also referred to as international direct dialing (IDD). The international access code may vary depending on the country you are calling from. For example, in the US and Canada, the international access code is “011”, while in many European countries it is “00”. Some countries do not have an area code system, and in those cases, you simply dial the local telephone number after the country code.

It’s important to make sure you have the correct country code before making an ISD call, as dialing the wrong code can result in the call not connecting or reaching the wrong destination. The ITU maintains a list of all country codes on their website. ISD calls can be made from both landline and mobile phones, but rates and fees may vary depending on the type of phone and the service provider.
Some service providers also offer international callback services, which allow users to make ISD calls at a reduced rate by using a special access number provided by the provider. It’s also worth noting that some messaging and video chat apps, such as WhatsApp and Skype, allow users to make international calls over the internet, which can be a cheaper alternative to traditional ISD calls.

ISD is a service that allows callers to make international calls by dialing an international access code, followed by a country code, area code, and local telephone number. It is a vital service for connecting people across the globe, but it can also be expensive, so it’s important to check with your service provider for rates and packages.

Different abbreviations of ISD in various fields are as follows

ISDIntelligent Systems DivisionBusiness
ISDInstructional Systems DevelopmentBusiness
ISDInternational Seaport DredgingBusiness
ISDInitial Service DateBusiness
ISDInitial Systems DesignBusiness
ISDInvestment Services DirectiveBusiness
ISDIn Service DateBusiness
ISDIndividual Soldier DetectorMilitary and Defence
ISDInteroperability Standardization DirectorateMilitary and Defence
ISDIndustrial Support DetachmentMilitary and Defence
ISDInstructional System DesignComputing
ISDIntegrated Spectrum DesktopComputing
ISDIn Source DecayComputing
ISDIn Service DecisionComputing
ISDInformation Storage DeviceComputing
ISDInformation Set DecodingComputing
ISDIntegrated Sports DevelopmentSport
ISDIcon Sports DivisionSport
ISDInhibited Sexual DesireMedical
ISDIntrinsic Sphincteric DeficiencyMedical
ISDInternational Straight DiallingTechnology
ISDInternational Subscriber DiallingTelecommunication
ISDInternational School DhakaAcademic & Science
ISDIssaquah School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDIgnacio School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDInchelium School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDIndian School DarsaitAcademic & Science
ISDImbler School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDInterboro School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDIndianola School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDIncremental Standard DeviationAcademic & Science
ISDIone School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDIsabel School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDIroquois School DistrictAcademic & Science
ISDItasca School DistrictAcademic & Science


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