In this article you get to know about KDR full from and other different abbreviations of KDR in various fields. KDR full form refers to Kamadhenu Deposit Receipt.


A Kamadhenu Deposit Receipt is a type of deposit receipt offered by some banks in India. It is similar to a fixed deposit, but with some additional features. The Kamadhenu Deposit Receipt allows the depositor to make multiple deposits over a period of time, rather than making a lump sum deposit at the beginning of the term. The depositor can make deposits as and when they have surplus funds, and the deposits will earn interest at the prevailing rate.

The Kamadhenu Deposit Receipt also allows the depositor to withdraw money from the deposit before the maturity date, subject to certain conditions and penalties. The exact conditions and penalties may vary from bank to bank. The Kamadhenu Deposit Receipt is a flexible deposit option for individuals and businesses who want to earn interest on their surplus funds without committing to a lump sum deposit at the beginning of the term.

The flexibility of making multiple deposits and partial withdrawals, Kamadhenu Deposit Receipts may also offer higher interest rates compared to regular fixed deposits. The interest rate offered may vary depending on the amount of deposit and the duration of the deposit. Kamadhenu Deposit Receipts is that they are considered a safe investment option, as they are issued by banks that are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. The deposits are also insured by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, up to a limit of Rs. 5 lakhs per depositor per bank.

It is important to note that early withdrawals from Kamadhenu Deposit Receipts may attract penalties or reduced interest rates. Also, the interest earned on these deposits may be subject to taxes as per the prevailing tax laws in India. Kamadhenu Deposit Receipts can be a good option for those who want to earn a higher rate of interest on their surplus funds, while retaining the flexibility to make deposits and withdrawals as and when required. It is advisable to check with the bank about the specific terms and conditions of their Kamadhenu Deposit Receipts before investing.

Different abbreviations of KDR in various fields are as follows

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