In this article you get to know about NPCI full from and other different abbreviations of NPCI in various fields. NPCI full form refers to National Payments Corporation of India.


The National Payments Corporation of India is a non-profit organization established in 2008 under the guidance of the Reserve Bank of India and the Indian Banks Association. NPCI is responsible for developing and managing retail payment systems in India. Its objective is to provide a robust and efficient payment ecosystem in the country.

NPCI has been instrumental in the development of several payment systems in India, including:

Unified Payments Interface: UPI is a real-time payment system that enables instant fund transfer between bank accounts using a mobile phone. It allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, and make online transactions without the need for cash or credit cards.

Immediate Payment Service: IMPS is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service that allows customers to transfer funds between banks instantly, 24x7x365. IMPS is based on the National Financial Switch network developed by NPCI.

Bharat Bill Payment System: BBPS is an interoperable bill payment system that allows customers to pay their bills online or through mobile devices. The system supports multiple payment modes and provides instant confirmation of payment.

National Automated Clearing House: NACH is an electronic clearing system that allows businesses and government agencies to make bulk transactions such as salary payments, dividends, and pensions directly to the bank accounts of their customers.

RuPay: RuPay is a domestic card payment network that allows customers to make payments at ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, and e-commerce websites. It was launched by NPCI to provide an alternative to international payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard.

NPCI operates as a not-for-profit organization and is owned by a consortium of banks. Its board of directors includes representatives from the RBI, banks, and other financial institutions. NPCI’s primary objective is to promote the adoption of digital payments in India and ensure that these payment systems are secure, reliable, and efficient.

NPCI has also launched other payment systems such as Aadhaar Enabled Payment System, National Electronic Toll Collection and UPI AutoPay. AEPS allows customers to make financial transactions using their Aadhaar number and biometric authentication, while NETC enables contactless toll payments on national highways. UPI AutoPay is a recurring payments feature that allows customers to automate their regular payments. In addition to developing payment systems, NPCI also works to enhance the security and resilience of the Indian payment ecosystem. It has implemented various measures such as multi-factor authentication, tokenization, and encryption to protect against fraud and cyber threats.

NPCI has been successful in promoting the adoption of digital payments in India. According to a report by the Reserve Bank of India, the share of digital payments in the country’s overall payment systems increased from 21.5% in 2018 to 34.2% in 2020, with UPI being the most popular payment system. NPCI has also received several awards and recognitions for its contribution to the development of the Indian payment ecosystem. In 2020, NPCI was ranked 38th in the Global 2000 list by Forbes, which recognizes the world’s largest and most powerful public companies. NPCI plays a crucial role in the development and management of retail payment systems in India. Its focus on innovation, security, and interoperability has contributed to the growth of digital payments in the country and has made it a model for other countries to emulate.

Different abbreviations of NPCI in various fields are as follows

NPCINational Payment Corporation Of IndiaBusiness
NPCINet Payment Cost IndexBusiness
NPCINuclear Power Corporation of IndiaBusiness
NPCINational Potato Chip InstituteAcademic and Science
NPCINatural Products Consulting InstituteAcademic and Science
NPCINon Public Customer InformationMisc & Others
NPCINominal Protection Coefficient on InputMisc & Others
NPCINuovo Partito Comunista ItalianoMisc & Others
NPCINational Policy on the Construction IndustryMisc & Others
NPCINetwork Protocol Control InformationTechnology
NPCINextWave Personal Communications IncTechnology


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