In this article you get to know about OASIS full from and other different abbreviations of OASIS in various fields. OASIS full form refers to Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards.


Different abbreviations of OASIS in various fields are as follows

OASISOceanic and Atmospheric Scientific Information SystemAcademic & Science
OASISOrganic and Sustainable Agriculture Information SystemAcademic & Science
OASISObservational and Atmospheric Science Information SystemAcademic & Science
OASISOnline Academic Support and Information SystemAcademic & Science
OASISOpen Access Scientific Information ServiceAcademic & Science
OASISOnline Academic Student Information SystemEducation
OASISOrganization for the Advancement of Structured Information StandardsEducation
OASISOnline Assessment and Student Information SystemEducation
OASISOffice of Academic and Student Information ServicesEducation
OASISOnline Application and Student Information SystemEducation
OASISOperational Assistance and Support Information SystemBusiness
OASISOffice Automation and Support Information SystemBusiness
OASISOnline Accounting and Sales Integration SystemBusiness
OASISOutsourcing and Administrative Services Integration SystemBusiness
OASISOpen Architecture for Security and Integrated SystemsBusiness
OASISOverseas Automatic Secure Information SystemMilitary and Defense
OASISOperational Automated Security Information SystemMilitary and Defense
OASISOperational Assessment and Surveillance Information SystemMilitary and Defense
OASISOperational Analysis and Simulation Information SystemMilitary and Defense
OASISOperations and Support Information SystemMilitary and Defense
OASISOnline Automated Securities Information SystemBanking
OASISOnline Account and Statement Information SystemBanking
OASISOnline Access to Secure Investment ServicesBanking
OASISOpen Architecture for System Integration and SecurityTechnology
OASISObject-Oriented Architecture for Systems and Information SecurityTechnology
OASISOnline Application and Software Integration SystemTechnology
OASISOpen Advanced System for Information SecurityTechnology
OASISOptical and Semiconductor Integrated SystemsTechnology
OASISOutcome and Assessment Information SetMedical
OASISOnline Ambulatory Surgical Information SystemMedical
OASISObstetric and Antenatal Support Information SystemMedical
OASISOrthopedic Assessment and Support Information SystemMedical
OASISOpen Architecture for Secure Internet ServicesComputer and Networking
OASISOpen Application and Software Integration SystemComputer and Networking
OASISObject-Oriented Advanced System Integration ServiceComputer and Networking
OASISOnline Authentication and Security Integration SystemComputer and Networking
OASISOptical and Satellite Internet ServicesComputer and Networking
OASISOnline Airline and Seat Information SystemTransport & Travel
OASISOnline Automated Shuttle and Information SystemTransport & Travel
OASISOverseas Airline and Security Integration SystemTransport & Travel
OASISOnboard Aircraft Security Information SystemTransport & Travel
OASISOperations and Administration Support for International ShippingTransport & Travel
OASISOrganization for Arab States for Information SciencesOthers
OASISOnboard Autonomous Spacecraft Information SystemOthers
OASISOnline Alternative Support and Information SystemOthers
OASISOntario Association of Senior Information ServicesOthers
OASISOffice for the Aging and Social Information ServicesOthers


Dear reader in this article you get to know about OASIS full from and OASIS term used in various other fields, If you have any query regarding this article kindly comment below.

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