In this article you get to know about PRN full from and other different abbreviations of PRN in various fields. PRN full form refers to Payment Reference Number.


A Payment Reference Number is a unique identifier assigned to a financial transaction in the banking system. It is used to track and identify a specific payment, allowing banks to accurately process the payment and reconcile accounts.

PRN can be generated for various types of payments, including electronic fund transfers, wire transfers, and online bill payments. When making a payment, the PRN is usually provided by the payee (recipient of the payment), and the payer (sender of the payment) is required to enter the PRN while initiating the payment.

The PRN is typically a combination of letters and numbers, with a fixed length determined by the banking system. It is important to enter the PRN correctly while making a payment to avoid processing delays or errors. If the PRN is entered incorrectly, the payment may be rejected, or it may be difficult to identify the payment in case of any disputes or issues. In addition to facilitating payment processing and reconciliation, PRNs can also be useful in cases where the payer needs to track their payment or check the status of a payment. Many online banking systems and payment gateways allow users to search for payments using the PRN, making it easy to track the payment’s progress and ensure that it has been received by the intended recipient.

PRN can also be used to provide additional information about a payment, such as the purpose of the payment, the invoice number, or the account number associated with the payment. This information can be helpful for both the payer and the payee to ensure that the payment is processed correctly and that any necessary documentation is available for record-keeping purposes.

PRN can be used to help prevent fraud and ensure the security of financial transactions. By using a unique identifier for each payment, banks can quickly identify and flag any suspicious activity or fraudulent transactions, helping to protect both the payer and the payee from financial losses. Payment Reference Numbers are a critical component of the banking system and are used to facilitate secure and efficient financial transactions for individuals and businesses alike.

The length of a Payment Reference Number can vary depending on the banking system or payment service being used. In some cases, a PRN may be as short as 6 digits, while in others it may be up to 20 digits or more.

For example, in India, the PRN generated for a transaction using the National Electronic Funds Transfer system is a 20-character alphanumeric code. In the United Kingdom, a PRN for a bill payment using the Faster Payments Service typically consists of 8 digits.The length of a PRN is determined by the payment system or service being used, and it is important to enter the correct number of digits while making a payment to avoid processing errors or delays.

Different abbreviations of PRN in various fields are as follows

PRNPrivate Radio NetworksTechnology
PRNPacket Radio NetworkTechnology
PRNProblem Record NumberSoftware
PRNParvocellular Red NucleusMedical
PRNPlatte River NetworksBusiness
PRNPackaging Recovery NoteBusiness
PRNPostal Routed NetworkBusiness
PRNPerformance Racing NetworkNews
PRNPress Release NumberNews


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