In this article you get to know about PWBD full from and other different abbreviations of PWBD in various fields.

PWBD full form refers to Person with Benchmark Disability. A person with benchmark disability is a term used in India, to refer to an individual who has been recognized by the government as having a significant physical or mental impairment. The term “benchmark disability” is used to identify individuals who meet a certain level of disability as defined by the government, and who are eligible for certain benefits and protections under Indian law. As per the law, person with benchmark disability is entitled for certain benefits and reservation in education and job, based on their category and percentage of disability.

The Government of India has defined benchmark disabilities as follows

BlindnessLow Vision
Leprosy-curedLocomotor Disability
Hearing Impairment (deaf and hard of hearing)Dwarfism
Intellectual DisabilityMental Illness
AutismCerebral Palsy
Multiple SclerosisMuscular Dystrophy
Speech and Language disability


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