In this article you get to know about SCMC full from and other different abbreviations of SCMC in various fields. SCMC full form refers to Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication.

Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication is an educational institution located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is a constituent of Symbiosis International and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of media and communication. SCMC is known for its comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training. The courses are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in media studies, journalism, advertising, public relations, and audiovisual production.

The center has state of the art infrastructure, including well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, media studios, and editing suites. It also has tie-ups with various media organizations and industry professionals, providing students with opportunities for internships and placements. SCMC follows a rigorous admission process that includes entrance exams, group discussions, and personal interviews. The faculty consists of experienced academicians and industry experts who impart knowledge and guidance to the students.


SCMC encourages students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular events such as seminars, workshops, film festivals, and cultural activities. It aims to develop well-rounded media professionals who are equipped with both technical skills and a deep understanding of the media landscape. Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication is a reputed institution in India that offers quality education in the field of media and communication, preparing students for successful careers in various media industries.

Different abbreviations of SCMC in various fields are as follows

SCMCSupply Chain Management and CollaborationAcademic & Science
SCMCSocial Cognitive Mapping and ChangeAcademic & Science
SCMCStem Cell Migration and ColonizationAcademic & Science
SCMCSpace Communications and Navigation CenterAcademic & Science
SCMCScientific Committee on Marine ResearchAcademic & Science
SCMCSupply Chain Management CenterBusiness
SCMCSales and Customer Management ConsultingBusiness
SCMCStrategic Category Management CouncilBusiness
SCMCSupply Chain Manufacturing CoordinatorBusiness
SCMCSchool of Communication and Media CultureEducation
SCMCStudent Community Mental Health CoalitionEducation
SCMCStudent Council of Model CongressEducation
SCMCStudent Center for Music CompositionEducation
SCMCStrategic Command and Control CenterMilitary and Defence
SCMCSpace Control and Missile CenterMilitary and Defence
SCMCSignal Corps Messaging CenterMilitary and Defence
SCMCSpecial Counterterrorism Military CellMilitary and Defence
SCMCSoftware Configuration Management CenterTechnology
SCMCSystem Control and Monitoring ConsoleTechnology
SCMCSmart City Management and ControlTechnology
SCMCSecure Content Management CloudTechnology
SCMCSource Code Management and CollaborationComputer and Networking
SCMCServer and Client Monitoring CenterComputer and Networking
SCMCStorage and Cache Management ControllerComputer and Networking
SCMCSoftware Configuration Management CommitteeComputer and Networking
SCMCSupply Chain and Manufacturing CompetitivenessTransport & Travel
SCMCShipping Container Management CompanyTransport & Travel
SCMCSupply Chain Management in CargoTransport & Travel
SCMCShipyard Construction and Maintenance CorporationTransport & Travel
SCMCStudent Christian Movement of CanadaOthers
SCMCSouthern California Modelers ClubOthers
SCMCSouth Carolina Manufacturing ConferenceOthers
SCMCSuspected Communicable Medical ConditionOthers


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