In this article you get to know about SUV full from and other different abbreviations of SUV in various fields.

SUV full form refers to Sport utility vehicle. A Sport Utility Vehicle is a type of vehicle that combines the features of a traditional passenger car with those of a light truck, such as increased ground clearance and the ability to handle off-road conditions. SUVs typically have a larger body and more spacious interior than a sedan or a coupe, and may also offer features such as all wheel drive and towing capabilities. They are popular for their versatility and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Different abbreviations of SUV in various fields are as follows

SUVStandard Update ValueComputing
SUVSquashes Uther VehiclesComputing
SUVSport Utility VolvoBusiness
SUVSquare Underpowered VehicleTechnology
SUVStylish Urban VehicleTechnology
SUVSustainable Use VehiclesTechnology
SUVSuburban Utility VehicleTechnology
SUVSenseless Urban VehicleTechnology
SUVSupercharged Unstoppable VehicleTechnology
SUVSports Utility VehicleTechnology
SUVSeriously Useful VehicleTechnology
SUVSupremely Unwieldly VehicleTechnology
SUVSafe Utility VehicleTechnology
SUVSpecial Utility VehicleTechnology
SUVSydney University VillageAcademic & Science
SUVSaybolt Universal ViscosityAcademic & Science
SUVSausage Under VeilsSports
SUVSoccermoms Ugly VanSports
SUVSmelly Utility VehicleSports
SUVSlightly Upgraded VanSports
SUVStupendously Useless VehicleSports
SUVStandardized Uptake ValueMedical
SUVSmall Uniflagellar Vesicle TypeMedical
SUVStupid Unsafe VehicleTravel
SUVShameful Unregulated VehicleTravel
SUVSnobs Upperclass VanTravel
SUVSatanic Urban VehicleTravel
SUVSpectacularly Ugly VehicleTravel
SUVShut Up VehicleTravel
SUVSimply Useless VehicleTravel
SUVShiny Unused VehicleTravel


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