In this article you get to know about YOLO full from and other different abbreviations of YOLO in various fields. YOLO full form refers to You Only Live Once.

Different abbreviations of YOLO in various fields are as follows

Academic & ScienceYOLOYou Only Learn Once
Academic & ScienceYOLOYear of Lost Opportunities
Academic & ScienceYOLOYear of Learning Online
Academic & ScienceYOLOYield of Lysogenic Organisms
Academic & ScienceYOLOYellow-Legged Owl
EducationYOLOYou Only Live Once
EducationYOLOYouth Opportunities Unlimited
EducationYOLOYear of Learning Opportunities
EducationYOLOYouth Online Learning Outreach
EducationYOLOYour Online Learning Opportunity
BusinessYOLOYou Only Launch Once
BusinessYOLOYield Optimization and Logistics
BusinessYOLOYear of Leadership Opportunities
BusinessYOLOYield on Low Investment
BusinessYOLOYear of Local Opportunities
Military and DefenceYOLOYou Only Live Once
Military and DefenceYOLOYear of Light Operations
Military and DefenceYOLOYield of Low Observables
Military and DefenceYOLOYear of Logistics Operations
Military and DefenceYOLOYear of Limited Offensives
BankingYOLOYou Only Live Once
BankingYOLOYearly Online Loan Offerings
BankingYOLOYield on Long-term Investments
BankingYOLOYear of Lending Opportunities
BankingYOLOYouth Outreach Loan Program
TechnologyYOLOYou Only Look Once
TechnologyYOLOYear of Latest Opportunities
TechnologyYOLOYour Online Learning Oasis
TechnologyYOLOYear of Leading-edge Operations
TechnologyYOLOYield on Low Overhead
MedicalYOLOYou Only Live Once
MedicalYOLOYear of Living Optimally
MedicalYOLOYield of Low Outcomes
MedicalYOLOYearly Online Learning for Physicians
MedicalYOLOYear of Lifestyle Optimization
Computer and NetworkingYOLOYou Only Look Once
Computer and NetworkingYOLOYear of Latest Opportunities
Computer and NetworkingYOLOYour Online Learning Oasis
Computer and NetworkingYOLOYear of Leading-edge Operations
Computer and NetworkingYOLOYield on Low Overhead
Transport & TravelYOLOYou Only Live Once
Transport & TravelYOLOYear of Local Outings
Transport & TravelYOLOYouth Outdoors and Leisure Opportunities
Transport & TravelYOLOYearly Online Leisure Offers
Transport & TravelYOLOYear of Low-cost Outings
OthersYOLOYellow-Legged Owl
OthersYOLOYear of Lighthearted Opportunities
OthersYOLOYear of Loving Others
OthersYOLOYear of Lasting Optimism
OthersYOLOYear of Living Offbeat


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