In this article you get to know about AFAIK full from and other different abbreviations of AFAIK in various fields. AFAIK full form refers to As Far As I Know.

Different abbreviations of AFAIK in various fields are as follows

Academic & ScienceAFAIKAs Far As I Know
Academic & ScienceAFAIKAssociation of Finnish Academic Information Centers
Academic & ScienceAFAIKAntarctic Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Academic & ScienceAFAIKAdvanced Fiber and Applications in the Kingdom
Academic & ScienceAFAIKAssociation Française des Aéroports Internationaux et Régionaux
EducationAFAIKAs Far As I Know
EducationAFAIKAustralian Federation of AIDS Organizations
EducationAFAIKAssociation for Adult and Continuing Education
EducationAFAIKAcademy for Future Agriculture in Korea
EducationAFAIKAmerican Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
BusinessAFAIKAs Far As I Know
BusinessAFAIKAustrian Franchise Association and Knowledge
BusinessAFAIKArkansas Forestry Association and Knowledge
BusinessAFAIKAssociation of Fleet and Asset Management
BusinessAFAIKArab Federation of Accountants and Auditors
Military and DefenceAFAIKAs Far As I Know
Military and DefenceAFAIKAir Force Association of Korea
Military and DefenceAFAIKArmed Forces Academy for International and Knowledge Exchange
Military and DefenceAFAIKAssociation of Former Intelligence Officers in Kentucky
Military and DefenceAFAIKAustralian Federation of Air Pilots
BankingAFAIKAs Far As I Know
BankingAFAIKAsociación de Financieros Afiliados a KPMG
BankingAFAIKAssociation of Foreign Affairs Investment in Korea
BankingAFAIKAssociation of Financial Advisers and Investors in Kazakhstan
BankingAFAIKAutomotive Finance and Insurance Knowledge
TechnologyAFAIKAs Far As I Know
TechnologyAFAIKAutomotive Fuel Alliance for India and Knowledge
TechnologyAFAIKAmerican Federation of Astrologers and Kabbalah
TechnologyAFAIKAsian Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge
TechnologyAFAIKApplication of Formal Approaches in Industry and Knowledge
MedicalAFAIKAs Far As I Know
MedicalAFAIKAssociation of Families Affected by Kidney Disease
MedicalAFAIKAcute Fibrinous and Organizing Pneumonia
MedicalAFAIKArthroscopically Assisted Fixation of Ankle Joint Fractures
MedicalAFAIKAutomatic Face Analysis and Knowledge Extraction
Computer and NetworkingAFAIKAs Far As I Know
Computer and NetworkingAFAIKAssociation of Forensic and Investigative Knowledge
Computer and NetworkingAFAIKAutomated Failure Analysis and Knowledge
Computer and NetworkingAFAIKAdvanced Functionality and Access to Information Kit
Computer and NetworkingAFAIKApplication of Formal Approaches in Industry and Knowledge
Transport & TravelAFAIKAs Far As I Know
Transport & TravelAFAIKAlaska Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Transport & TravelAFAIKAssociation of Faroese Airlines and Knowledge
Transport & TravelAFAIKAir Force Association of India and Knowledge
Transport & TravelAFAIKAlliance of Fine Art in Kyrgyzstan
OthersAFAIKAs Far As I Know
OthersAFAIKArt for Animals in Kuwait
OthersAFAIKAssociation of Filipinos in Kuwait
OthersAFAIKArkansas Fair Association and Knowledge
OthersAFAIKAustralian Fleet Association of Kitesurfers


Dear reader in this article you get to know about AFAIK full from and AFAIK term used in various other fields, If you have any query regarding this article kindly comment below.

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