In this article you get to know about AIDA full from and other different abbreviations of AIDA in various fields. AIDA full form refers to Attention-Interest-Desire-Action.

Different abbreviations of AIDA in various fields are as follows

Academic & ScienceAIDAAsteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment
Academic & ScienceAIDAAtmospheric Imaging Assembly
Academic & ScienceAIDAAssociation Internationale de Droit des Assurances
Academic & ScienceAIDAAutomatic Interactive Document Analysis
Academic & ScienceAIDAAnalysis of Interactive Decision Aids
EducationAIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
EducationAIDAAssociation for Information and Dissemination of Astronomy
EducationAIDAArizona Information and Data Association
EducationAIDAAmerican Industrial Development Association
EducationAIDAAssessment of Individualized Developmental Areas
BusinessAIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
BusinessAIDAAssociation Internationale de Droit des Assurances
BusinessAIDAAutomated Interactive Document Analysis
BusinessAIDAAdvanced Information Digital Architecture
BusinessAIDAAnalytical Instrumentation Data Acquisition
Military and DefenceAIDAAeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agency
Military and DefenceAIDAAdvanced Integrated Defense Avionics
Military and DefenceAIDAArtificial Intelligence for Defense Applications
Military and DefenceAIDAAutomated Intelligence Data Analysis
Military and DefenceAIDAAirborne Integrated Data Acquisition
BankingAIDAArtificial Intelligence for Document Analysis and Retrieval
BankingAIDAAutomated Investment Data Analyzer
BankingAIDAAssociation Internationale de Droit des Assurances
BankingAIDAAnalytical Investment Data Analysis
BankingAIDAAutomated Information Data Analysis
TechnologyAIDAArtificial Intelligence Data Analytics
TechnologyAIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
TechnologyAIDAAdvanced Information Digital Architecture
TechnologyAIDAAnalysis and Integration of Databases and Applications
TechnologyAIDAAutomated Interactive Document Analysis
MedicalAIDAArtificial Intelligence for Diagnosing Abnormalities
MedicalAIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
MedicalAIDAAnalysis of Images for Diagnostic Assessments
MedicalAIDAAdvanced Image Display and Analysis
MedicalAIDAAutomatic Interpretation of Data and Analysis
Computer and NetworkingAIDAAutonomous Intelligent Data Acquisition
Computer and NetworkingAIDAArtificial Intelligence Data Analytics
Computer and NetworkingAIDAAutomated Interactive Document Analysis
Computer and NetworkingAIDAAnalysis and Integration of Databases and Applications
Computer and NetworkingAIDAAdvanced Information Digital Architecture
Transport & TravelAIDAAutonomous Intelligent Driving Agent
Transport & TravelAIDAAssociation Internationale de Droit des Assurances
Transport & TravelAIDAAutomated Interactive Document Analysis
Transport & TravelAIDAAdvanced Information Digital Architecture
Transport & TravelAIDAAircraft Integrated Data Acquisition
OthersAIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
OthersAIDAAutomatic Interactive Document Analysis
OthersAIDAArtistic Interactive Digital Animation
OthersAIDAAustralian Industrial Directory and Association
OthersAIDAAssociation for International Dance Artists


Dear reader in this article you get to know about AIDA full from and AIDA term used in various other fields, If you have any query regarding this article kindly comment below.

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