In this article you get to know about OT full from and other different abbreviations of OT in various fields.

OT full form refers to Operation Theater. An operation theater, also known as an operating room or surgery suite, is a specialized room in a hospital or other medical facility where surgical procedures are performed. These procedures can range from minor procedures such as a biopsy to more complex surgeries such as open heart surgery. Operation theaters are designed to provide a sterile and controlled environment for surgical procedures. They are typically equipped with specialized medical equipment such as operating tables, anesthesia machines, and monitors. The room is also typically outfitted with lighting, ventilation, and other systems to help ensure the safety and comfort of patients and medical staff. Operation theaters are usually staffed by a team of medical professionals including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other specialists. They work together to ensure that the procedure is performed safely and effectively.

Different abbreviations of OT in various fields are as follows

OTOptical TechnologyBusiness
OTOverture TechnologiesBusiness
OTOriginal TasteBusiness
OTOf TelecommunicationsBusiness
OTOpportunities and ThreatsMilitary and Defense
OTOfficer TraineeMilitary and Defense
OTOriginal TrainerMilitary and Defense
OTOperational TestingMilitary and Defense
OTOperational TechnologyTechnology
OTOxygenated TreatmentTechnology
OTOverland TelegraphTechnology
OTOccupancy TimeTechnology
OTOperator TerminalTechnology
OTOrange ThingComputing
OTOblivious TransferComputing
OTOverflow ThresholdComputing
OTOperation ThunderComputing
OTOld TraffordSports
OTOutdoor TrackSports
OTOne ThrownSports
OTOut Of TuneSports
OTOpen TransitionSports
OTOffensive TackleSports
OTOver TechnicalSports
OTOscillation TrialsSports
OTOperation TheatreMedical
OTOrganizational TrainingMedical
OTOpioid TherapyMedical
OTOpioid ToleranceMedical
OTOcular TensionMedical
OTOccupational TherapyMedical
OTOptic TectumMedical
OTOptical TopographyMedical
OTOperational TirosMedical
OTOligosaccharyl TransferaseMedical
OTOrtho ToluidineMedical
OTOrganizational TheoryAcademic & Science
OTOptimality TheoryAcademic & Science
OTOntological TheoriesAcademic & Science
OTOperate TransferAcademic & Science
OTOrdinary TideAcademic & Science
OTOpen TrapdoorAcademic & Science


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