In this article you get to know about PEN full from and other different abbreviations of PEN in various fields.

PEN full form refers to Poets, Essayists, Novelists.

A poet is a person who writes poetry, which is a type of literature that uses imaginative and creative language to express ideas, feelings, or tell a story in a compact and rhythmic way. Poets often use figurative language, such as metaphors and similes, to create vivid and evocative images and to convey deeper meanings. Poetry can take many forms, including sonnets, epics, haikus, and free verse.

An essayist is a person who writes essays, which are short, non-fiction compositions that are typically focused on a single subject or theme and are written in a more informal and personal style than other types of non-fiction writing. Essays can be descriptive, expository, persuasive, or narrative in nature, and they are often used as a way to reflect on and explore ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

A novelist is a person who writes novels, which are long, fictional narratives that are typically divided into chapters and that tell a story about one or more characters. Novels can be in many different genres, such as romance, science fiction, mystery, and horror, and they often explore complex themes and issues through the experiences of the characters.

Different abbreviations of PEN in various fields are as follows

PENPublic Education NetworkBusiness
PENPlanters Energy NetworkBusiness
PENPublic Electronic NetworkBusiness
PENPopular Entertainment NetworkBusiness
PENPower Enriched In NibNews
PENPharmacy Education NewsletterNews
PENPeople Eat NuttsNews
PENPrivate Enterprise NumberComputing
PENPrinceton Executive NetworkComputing
PENPolyethylene NaphtholateAcademic & Science
PENPhinma Education NetworkAcademic & Science
PENProtective Earth And NeutralAcademic & Science
PENProtective Earth And The NeutralAcademic & Science
PENProse Essay And NarrativeAcademic & Science
PENPalisaded Encapsulated NeuromaMedical
PENPharmacy Equivalent NameMedical
PENPerceptual Expertise NetworkMedical


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